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My friend and great home designer Felipe Ayala is great and wonderful!  I remember the first time I asked Felipe to help me with getting my home ready for Christmas.  It would be the first time that our children would be celebrating Christmas at home!

Well, how beautiful the Christmas Tree was, with wonderful ornaments, including unique ones for the children!!! And, through the years, it has become a collection that is unique for the family, such as a drummer boy for our son, and an angel for our daughter.  Now, its not only our grown children, but our grandchildren, coming in from New York, and they “ooh” and “aah” from the time they arrive!

Even our front door is decorated by Felipe with a wreath that says “Welcome Christmas!  The bathrooms have vases with pieces from the Christmas Tree in an arrangement and candles are lit throughout the house with Christmas scents.  We drink the guava berry and enjoy the sweetbread.

Following the season, Felipe would return and assist in putting everything back and taking the tree out.  But, most importantly throughout the years, has been his assistance in helping place our collection of artwork on our walls and throughout the home.  As a result we love being and coming home!

Lois Hassell-Habtes

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